Agreement Meaning In Sinhala

Published by the Ministry of Finance, Sri Lanka: . Order human translations from our community with more than 40,000 translators. Contract: ණය තුරුස් වෙනවා contract: ගිවිසුම් පත් රය . . . . That was not part of our original agreement and I do not agree with that now. You know what, I`m tired of the roommate agreement. All translations are grouped into a convenient translation stream.

1. MCC – Sri Lanka Infographic (PDF 242 KB) | Sinhalese (සිංහල) (PDF 369 KB) | Tamil (தமிழ்) (PDF 622 KB) . Contract: කොන්තරාත් අත්සන් කරනවා . Article 1, Section 3 of our Roommate CONVENTION. In the conditions of my roommate, I had control … 11. MCC editions collected by Sri Lankan Media – MCC Land Projects in Africa (PDF 380 KB) Oh. Yes, that`s right. There`s a flaw in the AGREEMENT relationship. Supports more than 90 pairs of languages, including English to Sinhalese Yes. After the agreement, on the anniversary of our first date…

It`s not true. In accordance with Section 37-B of the Roommate Agreement–.