Collective Agreement For Senior Salaried Employees In Technology Industries

Collective bargaining has been ongoing since the fall. Some agreements negotiated by the Federation of Professional and Management Personnel (YTN) have already ended last October and the last agreements in force expire at the end of January. To date, no new negotiated solutions have been reached. Our collective agreements include derogations from Finnish labour law and several possibilities to derogate from collective agreements through company- or workplace-specific agreements. The issue of hours included in the Competitiveness Pact has been settled in the agreement, which will allow the employer to allocate 16 additional hours of work to senior managers in the future. However, the hours must not be scheduled for the holidays of the week or for the Saturday of these weeks. In addition, in some cases, the employer may schedule one training day (8 hours) for a day off. Our members work in a wide range of sectors, including technology, ICT, finance, real estate, transport and commerce, as well as industry in general. “The agreement is a compromise reached after a long negotiation process. The positive point is that it makes it possible to maintain the necessary working hours and to ensure competitiveness.

The working time agreement has been adapted to the relevant staff group,” explains Jarkko Ruohoniemi, Director, Industrial Relations, Technology Industries of Finland. Staff representatives include elected officials of senior managers, delegates and other representatives elected to positions of trust, staff liaison officers and representatives elected under the Employment Contracts Act. Elected representatives of senior managers may be affiliated with any union affiliated to YTN, including YTY, but represent all senior managers who work in the group represented, regardless of union affiliation. A staff liaison officer also serves as a link between YTY and its members and affiliated staff associations in the workplace. As a collective bargaining organization for AKAVA`s private sector, YTN is responsible for negotiation and contracting activities for AKAVA`s external service agents in the areas of trade, services and industry. Collective agreement for senior managers in the technology sectors 2020-2021 In accordance with the general guidelines adopted for labour markets, the overall increase agreed in the recidivism clauses is 3.3% for the duration of the 25-month contract. The timing of the increases is as follows: this last aspect is probably the main obstacle to an agreement at this stage. Employers continue to demand additional unpaid work from senior managers, although this practice ends under the agreement with the industrial union. Such a divergence is unacceptable for many reasons. Statistics on working time clearly show that skilled workers already work much longer than their employment contracts.