Government Procurement Agreement Japan

The Review Body on Bid Challenges is an organization set up by party states that allows suppliers to challenge irregular government tenders. [5] These bodies are independent and strive to deal with each case quickly. The review body is also empowered to recommend rapid interim measures, which can be recommended within days, when an evaluation body finds a first-application case for an auction challenge. [6] Detailed procurement investigations should be directed to the department or authority that issued the notice. The WTO secretariat provides technical assistance to help WTO members from developing countries who wish to learn more about the GPA and/or GPA. If so, and desired by the candidate countries, other intergovernmental organizations (for example. B regional development banks) or governance institutions may also provide technical assistance for GPA membership. In response to foreign pressure in the 1990s, the Japanese government took some additional steps to improve access for foreign companies. These include measures for a number of specific sectors, which were updated in 2014. Each procurement entity has a point of contact to provide information and proposals regarding certain public contracts. International intergovernmental organizations have granted observer status to the GPA committee at the thresholds set by the Japanese Public Procurement And Voluntary Measures Agreement and their Japanese yen equivalents (valid from April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2018).

The Japanese yen thresholds will be published every two years at the end of January in the Government`s Official Journal, “Kanpo”. The tender for public procurement in Japan can have a number of advantages: the Japanese procurement market (PP) is very promising, with EU estimates of between 550 and 565 billion euros. EU companies are relatively under-represented in the PP market in Japan, in part due to non-regulatory barriers and geographical distance and lack of market knowledge. The EU companies currently operating in this market are mainly larger global players, with a considerable presence in Japan. In order to encourage the entry of foreign companies into the market, the Japanese government has also introduced lower thresholds set in the WTO GPA for certain categories.