How Can I Cancel My Tenancy Agreement In Sharjah Online

A landlord or tenant cannot unilaterally terminate the tenancy agreement and terminate each other by the landlord and tenant for the duration of the contract. This is consistent with Article 7 of the Dubai Rent Act, which states that “if a rental agreement is valid, it must not be unilaterally terminated by the landlord or tenant during its term of life. It can only be waived by mutual agreement or in accordance with the provisions of this Act. If you apply online, click “Services” on the homepage, then “eServices” and select “Validation Request.” If an expired or terminated contract is terminated or delayed, it is impossible for the next tenant to register their lease. Therefore, if a tenancy agreement is still active in the system (due to the lessor`s negligence or for any other reason), the tenant may not register his contract (the two contracts overlap in the system) and the tenant, if he does not have an Ejari certificate, could experience a long series of negative consequences, including the inability to obtain or renew his VAE visa as well as other documents. To cancel your Federal Electricity and Water Authority (Fewa) account, you can visit one of the stores listed here or log in online at In addition, you must send a copy of your termination letter to the DRC. The DRC can accept your claim and terminate your lease without paying a penalty to the lessor. This is consistent with section 249 of the Civil Procedures Act, which states that “if exceptional circumstances occur of a public nature that would not have been foreseeable, rendering the performance of the contractual obligation, even if it is not impossible, overwhelming for the debtor to threaten him with a serious loss, it is permissible for the judge, depending on the circumstances and the balancing of the interests of each party. , to maintain the repressive obligation at an appropriate level. if justice requires it, and any arrangement to the contrary is not concluded. To cancel your Etisalat or Du connection, you can visit one of the UAE service centers with your Emirates ID or by phone at 101 for Etisalat or 155 for you.

From lease to fixed network to processes to complete the answer: It goes without saying that you live in an apartment for rent in Dubai and that you lost your job in March because of the predominant pandemic. That`s why you decided to move to your home country of Pakistan because it`s hard for you to live without a job in the United Arab Emirates. In addition, your lease stipulates that you must serve a minimum termination period of three months, with a rent of two months, in case you have to terminate the contract before the conclusion.