Partnership Agreement On Investments And Financial Cooperation Pay Order

The parties` investment firms and the parties` investors are subject to taxation in accordance with international conventions relating to the prevention of double taxation of income and property and, in the absence of such agreements, in accordance with the laws of the States Parties to this Convention. The parties cooperate in the development and implementation of the investment policy in relation to their commercial enterprises, as well as with the companies of the States not parties to this agreement and international organizations, in order to ensure the mutual protection of the interests of the parties in this area. Disputes between investors and investment firms, on the one hand, and public authorities, businesses and individuals, on the other, as well as disputes between investors and companies that have received investments, are settled by mutual agreement or referred to the local courts where the investment was made or (if the parties to the dispute agree) an arbitration procedure. The dispute resolution procedure must be established in the constituent documents. c. if the financial allocation is in line with the objectives set out in the programmes and achieves the results sought by the Member States; (1) Select document 1) A summary of the preparation of the partnership agreement, with particular emphasis on partnership, including: the authority that coordinated the preparation of the partnership agreement and the public institutions directly concerned (. B, for example, departments directly affected by ESI Funds). To take into account, where appropriate, the specific challenges faced by outermost regions, regions with severe and sustainable natural or demographic handicaps, such as the northernmost regions. B and the weakest regions, island, cross-border and mountainous regions; Investments made by investors in the respective territory of the contracting parties under Article 2 of this agreement enjoy unlimited and unconditional legal protection from the host Member State and cannot be nationalised or reseeded unless the legislation provides for it. Nationalization and amony are ordered according to the procedure provided by the laws of the host state. In such cases, the host Member State pays prompt, appropriate and effective compensation to the party`s investors. Applications for nationalisation and an investor`s requirement can be resolved by mutual agreement between the parties and decisions on these claims can be challenged in the courts of the host Member State.

With regard to the establishment and registration of participating companies, the contracting parties support various forms of cooperation, in accordance with the legislation of the parties. Contributions to the capital of a party investment firm are assessed by mutual agreement between its shareholders and, where a newly created company is wholly owned by an investor (investor) of the State party in this agreement, these contributions are assessed by that company. Relationships arising from the investment transactions of the contracting parties are governed by the relevant laws of the host state applicable to the investors of that state by this agreement and by other arrangements between the parties, as well as by the international treaties to which the parties are parties. The contracting parties develop their legislation taking into account the fact that the legal regulation of the investments of the contracting parties and the investment of investors should not be less favourable than the investment regime of the host Member State`s companies and individuals.