Ridgid 24 Volt Battery Lifetime Service Agreement

I absolutely agree!! Had the same problems with the check-in process as well as their customer service employees only trying to find a spare! In my opinion, service parts are the most important tools, but by current standards, most parts are not durable. The definition of a “service” is therefore, I am sure, interpretable. But it`s different from the 3-year warranty with LSA (lifetime service contract). For the LSA, the website says it will cover all portable items, including brushes, engines, litigation, switches, gears and even batteries. It always says that it does NOT cover malfunctions, errors or defects due to abuse, abuse, neglect or change. I recorded my rigid kit. It was a drill, an impact, a battery and a radio. Everything has been recorded and verified by the deposit receipt. The drill was no longer working. I logged into my account to claim the “guarantee.” In a way, drills, shocks and batteries are no longer listed. Just the radio. Anyway, I clicked on the radio, and I want to check the receipts once again.

I don`t have it. What was the point of recording them? Those are numbers. The one that breaks ends with the fact that you can`t wait for it. All my other tools are registered there. I won`t get it. When I recorded the set, I had an individual list of everything that was there. Any model number. Everything was taken into account when I disconnected. The original purchaser of an authorized product can sign up for a free lifetime service contract.

To accept this lifetime use agreement, you must register your product and provide proof of purchase for processing authorization, as described below. The lifetime service contract offers the original owner of qualified RIDGID® branded tool a number of free spare batteries, free service and free spare parts, subject to the restrictions below. You can find your nearest service center by clicking on the link below, entering your zip code and selecting the power tool category. Personally, I experienced Milwaukee`s wonderful service on both tools, batteries and even heated equipment. No registration required, it is simply best to have your receipt for 5 years from the date of purchase. Otherwise, it`s 5 years from the date of manufacture. Honestly, five years is enough for me. After that, I`ll repair myself or on the last 10 genes 😉 Also, the reason you need to save the tool to get the service contract is because they only cover the ORIGINAL buyer. If they only offered coverage on all the tools, it would be much more expensive and they probably would not be able to offer that program. Also, you`d be surprised how many people don`t register properly (less than 25% of buyers do), so they cover far fewer tools. I bought a Ridgid drilling kit last summer. I wanted to buy a Dewalt drill that seemed comparable, but the battery guarantee for life was the deciding factor.

In advance, I would like to say that I have no problem with the product. After a few months of normal household use, it works and it feels good. It`s perfect for a guy like me. However, the guarantee process is another problem. After several frustrating attempts to register online, I gave up. Ridgid make jumps through fire tires just to save your tools. The trial is so boring that I am satisfied that Ridgid does not intend to respect the guarantee. In short, you don`t buy a Ridgid product base on the lifetime battery replacement warranty.

In my experience, the tools are correct, but the warranty seems at best to be a scam and at worst. The problem is that they intend to make it as difficult as possible for their customers to obtain a lifetime guarantee so that they can increase their profits. Remember, Ridgid used to offer their customers a lifetime warranty by easily purchasing their tool, and many companies still do. For example, last year I received a replacement on a gas blanket.