Social Security Agreement Canada And Uk

Dear Doug, great and useful contributions, thank you very much. My case is this: worked in Romania for ten years between 1990 and 2000, lived and worked in Canada for six years (all taxes paid), from 2001 to 2006, then moved to Romania to be my aging parents, where I have since my residency and work. Question 1: Given that the international social security agreement with Romania will come into force on 01.11.2011, does it apply retroactively if the aforementioned six Canadian years are taken into account (and into account)? This is intended for totalization in both countries, I would decide to apply at the age of 65. Maybe it`s Romania. Question 2: What Canadian pension benefits would I be entitled to if I added up the three contribution segments? Good morning, Carolyn — your SS advisor was wrong, at least from a Canadian perspective. Your CPP pension is based on your total cpp income, which is over 39 years on average (if you take it at age 65) and your U.S. income will be absolutely insignificant. Where the Canada-U.S. agreement can come into play, the question is whether you are eligible for the OAS.

This is because it can help you meet the minimum residency requirement of 10 or 20 years to qualify for the OAS, but it has no influence on the amount of your OAS. My name is Rolando Cruz, I found your name on the DRpensions website and I would just like to consult my mother`s application for her old age insurance. I sponsored my mother and she emigrated here to Canada in March 2004. During her 10-year stay here in Canada, she moved to the Philippines three times (2005, 2007- 2010) and spent more than a year there. If I added everyone, she spent about 5.8 years here in Canada and 4.2 years in the Philippines, but she kept Canada as her primary residence. She filed her OAS pension application here in Canada last year (September 2014th), we received a response that they forwarded their application to the international department and then they sent another letter after 1 year, that she is not completing the 10-year stay, so she did not grant her the OAS pension when we filed her application, the basis we considered was the fact that she has both lived here in Canada and the Philippines for the last 10 years. The fact that they said “live OR worked”, which means, that if she lived in both countries, but wasn`t necessarily working, she would have been qualified for at least a partial pension, I think you have more expert on this, that`s why I sent you this letter in the hope that I will respond to Hi June – Yes, you should be able to qualify for the U.S. SS benefits IN THE CANADA/USA ACCORD FRAMEWORK, and it won`t impact your BENEFITS. I can`t comment on your authorization for Medicare. Hello Gordon – I`m not a Social Security expert in the U.S., but I think you`ll be eligible for some if you`ve contributed for at least 10 years. Hello, Doug, your help will be greatly appreciated.

I am 15 years old, I live in Courtice, Ontario.