Student Agreement Bristol

The university spokesman said: “We welcome further discussions with representatives of the cut the Rent and Bristol student union, but this is a subject currently affecting all universities, and our actions are being led by England and public authorities to limit the spread of coronavirus.” Not only were the food packets insufficient, the students said, but in many cases they did not contain essential items such as detergents, tampons and towels. This page explains the agreement on data sharing with the Studentenwerk. The university shares certain data elements, such as email addresses, with the EU so that they can manage membership. If your personal email is fake, please update it in Student Info as soon as you register online. 5.1. The university has set up a limited insurance coverage for items kept in the room. To avoid any doubt, your personal property, including bicycles, is not covered by insurance. The protection code is limited and is subject to the terms and conditions, details of which are available on the cover4students website. You should carefully review these terms and conditions to ensure that this coverage provides you with adequate coverage and, if necessary, arrange your own insurance coverage.

8.1 They are legally protected under the 1977 Law Against Deportation. If you are not ready to leave university, you must receive a court order. 8.2 This contract may be terminated by the university at any time up to four weeks after the expiry of the deadline. However, if the university believes that you are violating any of your obligations under this Agreement, the University may, at its sole discretion, terminate the agreement in writing with immediate effect. The termination of this agreement does not relieve you of your obligation to pay the licence fee and other amounts liability under this Agreement until the end of the licence term. 8.3 The university may return to the space and terminate the contract immediately, without prejudice to the university`s other rights and remedies, if the fee is paid 14 days after the due date (formally or not requested) and/or if you violate your obligations in this Agreement. 8.4 If the university terminates this contract at any time because you have not paid the royalty or are violating any of your other obligations under this Agreement, you must reimburse the university for the loss of the royalty until the deadline indicated in the offer. If the university is able to find (by appropriate measures) another student enrolled in the university and reasonably acceptable to the university, who is willing to enter into a licensing agreement for the space, you must only pay the fee until the conclusion of the license agreement. You must also pay the university all reasonable fees and expenses that the university must bear as a result of your offence.

8.5 You can only terminate this contract before the deadline indicated in the offer, with the prior approval of the University, and complete a preferably notification letter in the form of a notification letter available from Accommodation Services.