Termination Of Independent Contractor Agreement California

In California, people will perform different tasks and different functions. While some people own their businesses, others work as formal employees. Some people offer their services to businesses as independent contractors. While you work as an independent contractor, you do not have the same rights and protection as official employees. However, you still have some rights under California law. For example, you can sue your employer for unlawful dismissal if they wrongly fire you. Orange County Workers Compensation Attorney has pledged to help 1,099 independent contractors claim illegal termination compensation. Many independent contracts have termination clauses that describe the conditions under which the agreement can be terminated either by the company or by the independent contractor. These provisions concerning termination by independent contractors should be strictly respected in order to avoid any breach of contractual disputes. In the event of irregular dismissal, you can prove knowledge of previous positive assessments that suddenly turn negative, the introduction of unbearable working conditions and negative employment measures, such as demotions. If your client in or around Los Angeles, CA unduly terminates your contract, you can sue so that you can get some form of compensation.

You need the services of an experienced lawyer to verify the terms of your contract. Call us at 310-956-4277 and we will deal with your illegal termination. We will defend your rights before a judge and we may get a decision in your favour. In the case of Garcia v. Border Transportation Group, LLP, Garcia worked as a taxi driver for border transport group (BTG). The BTG has designated Garcia as an independent contractor. Garcia sued BTG for unlawful dismissal, in violation of public order and unpaid wages. Initially, the Tribunal ruled in favour of BTG. The court stated that all of the applicant`s appeals failed because he was an independent contractor.

The court was based exclusively on the Borello test. Garcia, however, was dissatisfied with the court`s decision, which led him to challenge the verdict. The loss of the source of income is traumatic for most people. Your work funds the rest of your life, and instant loss can be a source of insecurity and anxiety. For independent contractors, your income depends on your ability to successfully enter into contracts and enter into new contracts. You also have fewer legal protections than employees, making job loss or a contract that ends prematurely too troublesome for your finances. The key to meeting the above challenges is the identification of the relationship between the employer and the self-employed. Stop Unpaid Wages helps 1,099 independent contractors in California identify cases of illegal termination and helps them create a strong case for their defense.