The Agreement Looks Fine

The project is good for me – The current status or progress of the project is ok. I`m already ok with the project (or maybe I`m not and I hate working on this project). In a commercial sense, I would probably use the word “acceptable.” “Fine by me” and “fine with me” are more common words. Rachel should not answer, “That`s fine for me,” because it`s not idiomatic preposition that can be used in this context. Rachel could say, however, that X is good for me and that you approve of how something looks or is. But you can`t use that to allow an event or something that happens. We often find this expression good for me after verbs like sounds or glances. X goes well with me means you`re ok with something. The last example makes me think it was written by my teenage son.

The environment is not bad, but what is “end”? The first makes it clear that the details are achievable, the treaty can go ahead. The notes looks good for us is the most popular phrase on the web. The project is in order with me – I`m OK with the project available or forward. The details of the contract, as defined in your document, are acceptable to me. TextRanch was really helpful in improving the river and repairing the structure of my sentences. Read the full interview “Thank you very much. I looked for a real person to check my sentences💛 TextRanch cured me very much” Back in your comment, for example, suppose I told my daughter that she will start piano lessons in the near future. As a result, the boundaries between “false” and “unconventional” can sometimes be blurred. Personally, I think your friend probably told you a more conventional way of conveying a thought – but the less idiomatic way is not always a bad way to do it. TextRanch helped me improve my written skills and communicate more naturally, such as a local English lophone. Read the full interview “This is my first time with the text number, and I like how to take the editor`s time to edit my text. Recommend anyone who has never used Textranch before to try it. »