Touch N Go Merchant Agreement

With so many Malaysians using Touch`n Go eWallet, it`s easy to be on board. Be one of the 250,000 merchants who will grow their business through Touch`n Go eWallet. By default, all merchants receive an SMS notification for a successful transaction. We also have the Touch`n Go eWallet In-App notification. If you are interested in activating the Touch`n Go eWallet In-App notification, please complete this form and the feature will be activated within 3 business days. We have a proven track record of increasing our distributors` sales through targeted consumer-friendly campaigns. You receive the following items within a week of successfully registering as a TNGD dealer: It is gratifying to note that the number of dealer touch points has increased significantly over the past six months. With Touch`n Go eWallet, the number exceeds 135,000 and increases. TNGD chief Ignatius Ong recently said he was working to double that figure this year.

It is also a good thing that the platform focuses not only on the big popular brands, but also on small mamas and pop and SMEs. I am deeply impressed by what they have done in Penang — to go there and look to businesses and markets, to democratize digital payments. I hope that this will be repeated quickly in other states. The penetration will take time to build, I will have it. In the meantime, you need a little planning or at least a thorough examination before you go to a dealer or try to buy something. Once the dealer`s dashboard is activated, business owners no longer receive SMS notifications. I know this isn`t an app evaluation, but I want to give Touch`n Go eWallet some recognition for introducing a smooth and intuitive application experience. All you need is one or two clicks away. The application has improved considerably since its first iterations. There are, of course, some things that need to be improved, and I will address them in the next section. This leads me to a blatant and quite irritating exclusion in the Discovery department.

As with the Grab app, it`s not easy to find a reseller who accepts Touch`n Go eWallet payments. You need to leave the app, go to TNG`s digital website and search for supported resellers in the “Our Resellers” page. Or you can stumble upon an assisted dealer in a physical location whose visibility is supported by a “Pay with Touch`n Go” or wobbler sticker. It only applies to resellers who use static QRs and meet these criteria: please complete this form and send a copy of your NRIC and current account statement. Once we have verified your documents, our reseller support team will contact you within 3 business days to manage and track sales transactions, the reseller dashboard offers you the comfort and opportunity to manage your business from the palm of your hand. However, there is no investment fee, as selected merchants are subject to the MDR tax. If your QR code does not match your registered company name, you send a report by filling out this form and our reseller support team will contact you within 2 business days. KUALA LUMPUR (April 10): Cimb Group Holdings Bhd said that Malaysia`s Movement Control Mission (MCO) to stem the Covid 19 pandemic has reduced the volume of retail transactions across the industry and that the group`s Touch`n Go eWallet is experiencing the same trend, which is affecting a decline in the use of offline retailers.