Unl Proctor Agreement

The proctor services coordinator checks all proctors. Proctors must not be the parents of the student they become proctor or a tutor of that student. You must complete one of the following criteria: The Proctor Agreement form is returned to the Proctor coordinator at the beginning of the semester (no later than two weeks before the first exam). The teaching designer assigned to the course sets up a proctor code for each course and sends it to the proctor coordinator. NOTE: The faculty may use other testing methods or define its own proctoration policies and make its own arrangements. Students must identify a proctor and let their proctor fill out the Proctor Agreement online form. The form is then returned to the proctor coordinator at the beginning of the semester (no later than two weeks before the first exam). Your specialist in the technique of teaching models contains in the course appropriate instructions, including a link to the form of the proctor`s agreement. The instruction designer also sets up a proctorization code and sends it to the proctor coordinator for external proctors. A course manager may give permission to a proctor who does not meet these criteria. The exams of these courses are taught by high school students. Nebraska Now, students must have a proctor (s) associated with Nebraska Now courses that sign the Proctor Agreement form.

Your instructional design technology specialist sets up a proctor`s code for your Nebraska Now course, which all high school proctors can use. Proctorization process, so you don`t need to spend time coordinating this function. Your instructional technology specialist is available to discuss different evaluation formats with you to help you determine the best options for your course. The best option may not be a proctored exam. If you choose to incorporate Proctored exams into your distance courses, please read the proctorization services available for your distance course format, as described below. Campus students taking online courses, or off-campus students 35 miles from campus, have their exams at the UNL Trial Center. Distance students who cannot come to campus to take their exams identify a Proctor and have the Proctor Agreement form completed online. The corresponding instructions are included in the course for students, regardless of how their tests are performed.