Website Sale Agreement Template

This document and all the attached documents represent the entire agreement between the parties. PandaTip: Once this business agreement model is concluded, the buyer and buyer can sign electronically in the following fields. The other main reason is that most people have no business sense or history when they sell their IPs, and so they drop it. In addition, there is much less emotional attachment to a “site” and therefore presents any form of cash, even low numbers, is still enough to overcome the emotional barrier of a sale. DOMAIN NAME – WEBSITE PURCHASE AGREEMENT This agreement (the “contract”) is concluded from “, and between ` The seller has and holds certain rights to a domain name [[name]] certain property rights related to such domain names [[names]] and is in the execution of a website [[[web]] with that domain name [[name]] and WHEREAS, the seller wants to sell to the buyer and the buyer wants the seller to have the full rights. , the title and interest in such properties[[characteristics]] on the terms and subject to the conditions, in view of the reciprocal agreements and agreements presented here, is agreed between the parties as follows: CONVENTION 1. Sale of domain names and related properties: the seller agrees to sell, assign, transfer and pass on to the buyer, and the buyer agrees to sell, assign, transfer and pass on to the buyer, and the buyer agrees to , to acquire and accept the full rights, titles and interests on and on the domain name [[names]) – (hereafter “Domain Name[[Names]) and the website [[site] associated); , trade names, service marks and related trademarks; copyrights on drawings, graphics, content, programming, databases[[], email lists, forms, internal search engines and advertising on or from this website, wherever they are available; and all internet traffic to the domain name [[Names]] (hereafter referred to as “property”). : The Seller heresken assures and guarantees that the seller is the sole rightful owner of the property, that he owns a good and marketable property, that he is free and free of all rights of pledge and any charges, and that the seller has the right and the power to sell, sell and delegate the property. The seller also guarantees that the seller is currently not aware of a third party right to a right, title or use of the property and has no reason to know. The seller will not execute any agreement contrary to this agreement. 2.2 With regard to the execution and delivery of this agreement by the Seller, no authorization, declaration, filing or registration with a government authority is required. No authorization or authorization from a person is required in the execution of this contract or the transfer of the assets to the purchaser.

2.3 The seller did not award any assignments, pledges or other assignments to any party other than the purchaser and did not grant rights or options for the purchase or purchase of all or part of the property.